1. I'm gonna Fly!
2. Oh, Lou!
3. Opening My Eyes
4. Song of Joy
5. I Go Searchin' All Around
6. Floatin' Down the River of Life
7. Jump!

8. From Joy I Came
9. Playin' Like a Dolphin
10. Let's Walk Together
11. I Am a Bright and Shining Light
12. You Are a Gift
14. Beef Jerky and Pickles
14. Beany Blue
Performed by Sharon Ray and The Band of Light with guitars, fiddle, harmonica, flute and vocal harmonies, all your favorite Ray of Light theme songs, plus two additional hand-clappin', joyful children's songs by Sharon Ray, are on this one CD!  Playing these happy tunes is a fun way to spend quality time at home or in the classroom with your children or students, in the joy of rhythms and lyrics that just might get you dancin' together!  This Ray of Light CD will make short and long drives in the car a joyful experience for children as well as adults.