Our goal here at Ray of Light Books with Music for Children is that no trees will ever be felled in order to produce any of our products. Our books are written to inspire children to appreciate and connect to nature, and we are committed to doing business in alignment with that mission.

All of our books have been printed using New Leaf Reincarnation Matte paper, made with 100% recycled fiber and 50% post-consumer waste! This paper is processed chlorine free and manufactured with electricity that is offset with Green-e certified energy certificates. As is Jumping the Grate, so will all of our books be printed on 100% recycled paper. 

Below you can view the "Eco Audit" supplied to us by New Leaf Paper, and learn about the benefits that have been wrought by printing using Reincarnation Matte.

In addition, we are coming out with our Rockin' Theme Songs! CD, and did much research in order to find the most Earth-friendly packaging possible that will meet the expectations of our buyers. We are elated to report that Oasis CD Manufacturers, located in New Jersey, have worked with us and have come up with CD packaging that meets our very tough eco-requirements. The CD sleeve is made of 100% recycled "coated news back," and the tray that our CD sits in is not plastic, but is made of potato starch and other plant-based sources! The end result is a CD package that is not only shiny (clay coating) and vibrantly colorful (using vegetable-based inks), but is also environmentally friendly.

As a company, Ray of Light Books with Music for Children uses  recycled paper for all marketing and administrative needs and chose to print green as a way to bring environmental awareness to the publishing industry. All of our flyers, promtional pages, letter, and envelopes are printed on 100% recycled papers. 

We were very gratified to receive a letter of acknowledgement from Julia Butterfly Hill in response to our Earth-friendly practices and efforts. The beloved premere advocate for the preservation of old growth forests wrote us: "Thank goodness you are walking your talk and truly embodying your message!"

We welcome publishers and office workers who would like to print on 100% recycled papers to contact us and we will be glad to give you the information you need in order to contact our suppliers.

"Let's walk together!"


Sharon Ray, and the Ray of Light Dream Team