Shan Wells is an illustrator and accomplished mud pie master who lives high in the lower Rocky Mountains. Often seen in the company of hermit crabs, imported California snails,  assorted fish, a small but very cheeky cat, two equally cheeky children, and his gorgeous wife, Shan is tolerated by all of the prementioned due to his ability to get roasted chicken just right and give an occasional backrub when needed. Shan has illustrated several picture books, including Dance with the Orange Cow, and Never Eat Cabbage on Thursday, which  won a Colorado Independent Booksellers Award. Besides drawing pictures for kids, Shan enjoys catching mushrooms; ultramarine blue, hot summer days at 11,000 feet; and the sound of aspen trees blowing in the wind.

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Jaime Becktel is an artist and educator who lives in Southwest Colorado. She has been connecting children to the magic of the natural world through her art and teaching for the past twelve years. My Mother is a Mountain is her first illustrated book and she looks forward to many new opportunities to share her love of nature with children and the young at heart. For fun, Jaime enjoys riding horses under giant oak trees, swimming in clear water lakes, soaking in hotsprings and transforming kids into tigers and fairies through facepainting.

Illustrating I'm Awake and WOW! brought together elements that the late and much loved Jeanine Christman felt passionate about. She possessed a great dedication to inspire and enliven creativity in children, and to be willing to see life, and live life, from a sense of truth and gratitude.  Through her beautiful watercolor illustrations, the reader is offered the opportunity to be still, be still, and explore what is touched.
Jeanine's wish for you: "May the vibrancy of living awake continue to be a wondrous invitation to love more fully, to laugh more often, and to share the joy of who and what we are.  WOW!"