“Sam set his mind on the vision of himself clearing the top of that tall grate and off he sped...Turning towards the grate, he approached it at full speed:... three... two... ONE!”

Sam the salmon doesn't want to swim back upstream with his friends. He has heard that his true home is downstream in the Ocean of Sparkling Waters. The only way to get there is to jump the tall grate that obstructs his way, and just one other salmon has ever made it over before. Enter this humorously illustrated tale about perseverance and the pursuit of dreams come true, and find out if Sam safely makes it over the grate. If he does, what challenges must he face on his journey to his true home? Who is waiting to receive him in the Ocean of Sparkling Waters? At the end of this exciting story children are invited to come on a Follow-Up Adventure where they tell or even write their own sequel to Sam's journey, and learn to use some words from the story that may be new to them. They will be given some great web sites on the amazing life cycle of salmon and the environmental challenges they face. Jumping the Grate is accompanied by its hand-clappin', dancin' theme songs, "Jump!" and "From Joy I Came," written and sung by the author, with guitar, fiddle and vocal harmonies performed by The Band of Light, included on CD.


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