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Praise for Sharon Ray's Books and Storytelling Concerts!

Letter of Recommendation from Cynthia Ogle, Reading and Inclusion Specialist, corpus Christi School, Pacific Palisades, CA

By the end of Sharon Ray's presentation; the joy in the room was palpable among the students, the parents, the teachers and the administrators. Everyone felt so uplifted and joyous! She engaged the students in movement and song, and meaningful advice for our budding young authors. Her books and accompanying music have inspirational themes and messages like persistence and perseverance, which are exactly the values we are dedicated to helping our students realize. I recommend her talent as a presenter as well as recommend her beautiful materials to schools, libraries, and children everywhere!"

Letter of Recommendation from Roberta Klein, Desert Community Foundation, Coachella Valley, CA

"Sharon, you were a giant, enormous success. The children and  the teachers were ecstatic.  We can't say thank you enough for providing this wonderful opportunity to children who really need to hear your message...all children need it but those in the East valley especially.    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


Letter of Recommendation from Rita Fernandez, Read With Me Program, Las Palmitas Elementary School, Thermal, CA

Dear Sharon, I would like to thank you for the lovely book reading/concert that you provided for the children of Las Palmitas Elementary school, in Thermal, Ca. It was an uplifting moment for the children.  Everyone of them was delighted to participate and sing along with you.  Your personal enthusiasm was very apparent and quite contagious.  Even the teachers and other adults in the assembly were clapping and participating. I wish you much success in your story telling and book writing.  Positive reenforcement and positive thought will bring the best out of human nature !


Letter of Recommendation from Linda Lyons, Assistant Director and Mentor Teacher, Mission Lutheran Preschool, Laguna Niguel, CA

"The children at our school thoroughly enjoyed Sharon reading her book and performing the songs from Jumping the Grate. She used storyboards, which were particularly appropriate since we serve children aged three to six years. The big pictures made the story very easy to see and understand." Sharon's gentle, easy-going demeanor appealed to the children, and she easily engaged them. During her presentation, the children were active participants in reading the book and she led them in movement to her songs. This was a special event, and the children, staff and parents were very pleased and delighted to be able to hear and see a real live author in person. I would heartily recommend Sharon Ray to any preschool, church or element, school. The message of her book, Jumping the Grate is perseverance, believing in and following your dreams. Truly inspirational and a message everyone can use!"


Letter of recommendation from Karen Spurney, Music Teacher, St. Martin of Tours School, Los Angeles, CA

"This past year I was privileged to get to know and work with Sharon Ra, St. Martin of Tours is where I teach music to children grades K-5. I came to know Sharon earlier this year, and when she discovered that I am the music teacher for St. Martin's she donated a copy of her book, Jumping the Grate, to our school's music department. Jumping the Grate is well written, beautifidly illustrated, and the accompanying CD was perfectly appropriate for my students. From one story alone, I had St. Martin's students do an entire unit, combining music, art, and vocabulary (there are vocabulary words at the end of the book). The sntdents even played their own improvisations on the recorder along with songs from the story. Sharon graciously visited us at the end of our unit. With her experience from years of teaching, she captivated all grades, K-5. She challenged each individual class in their understanding of the themes behind the story. She also performed the music with the children on her guitar. One of the most exciting parts of Sharon's visit was when she shared with the older students tales of her story, writing, and how she came to be her own publisher. The students learned about soy-based inks, the cost of recycled paper, and the importance of independence and determination. It was such an experience to have Sharon come to St. Martin of Tours, and I can honestly sa}, that the students will remember it as a highlight of their year, as it was mine. I think any school should take advantage of the opportunity to have an author, songwriter and publisher come to their school, especially someone as talented and charismatic as Sharon Ray. "


Letter of recommendation from Dr. Amalya Nattiv, Former director of The Center for Teacher Excellence, New Mexico

"Reading Sharon Ray's stories fills one with sweet delight, aspiration, and joy. Jumping the Grate is a particularly fabulous motivational tool to inspire children and the young at heart to leap for their dreams. The music is exceptional, and the illustrations are so expressive. Language arts, science, music, art, and more are integrated in one package, together with the enriching "Follow-Up Adventures." This book is an excellent resource for parents, teachers and for home schooling, as well."

"All of Sharon Ray's children's books are uplifting, joyful, educational, and fun to read. My Mother Is a Mountain packs a powerful message of love for Mother Earth in a stunning audiovisual format for the young and young at heart. The multicultural illustrations are a feast for the eyes, and the music is beautiful. Sharon Ray's years as a teacher are evident in the creative follow-up activities, which make these books valuable educational tools. The eco-friendly paper and ink are in harmony with the message of the text."