"My mother is a mountain, and from her snowy peaks she gives me clear water to drink. My mother quenches my thirst, and I feel as joyful as a babbling brook!"

Enter the loving message and the lush, vibrant illustrations of My Mother Is a Mountain, and you will be connected to the joy of being out in Nature. Written with deep appreciation for the beauty and gifts of the Earth, this book is also a multicultural tribute to the children of the world. Children will be thrilled to color in the beautiful black and white composite illustration found at the end of the book. My Mother Is a Mountain comes with its Rockin' Theme Songs, "Sacred Ground" and "Playin' Like a Dolphin," written and sung by the author with guitar, flute, fiddle and vocal harmonies performed by The Band of Light, included on CD. These are songs of joy and love for the Earth, to be enjoyed by both little and big dancing feet!

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